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Registration to the information system
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Statement of consent to the processing of personal data

I hereby authorize that I agree with the processing and using of my personal and sensitive data provided to the South Moravian Center for International Mobility z. s. p. o. (the JCMM),  which I have listed in this form. and the information I provide to JCMM to participate in JCMM's activities and projects.

I also agree with acquiring of my portrait captured by camera or video recorder, with capturing my personal audiovisual recordings and publishing these images and recordings on the internet and in the JCMM informational and promotional materials.

I also agree with the publication of my name, surname and the institution where I am employed, respectively where I am studying on the internet and in the informational and promotional materials of the JCMM.

JCMM can handle my personal and sensitive data in the extent specified by the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as well as in the General EU Personal Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, in order to participate in the JCMM activities and projects. JCMM will not release my personal and sensitive data without my consent to third parties, except for the supervisory and supreme authorities.

I agree that my personal and sensitive data will be provided by CEPAC - Morava, Jeremenkova 1142/42, Olomouc, IČO: 608 00 909, in order to manage my data that I have submitted to the ProManager information system.

I give this approval to the JCMM for unlimited period of time.

I understand that under the EU's general EU Privacy Regulation, I have the right:

- to accept consent at any time

- ask JCMM for information about what my personal data is processing, ask for a copy of this data,

- request JCMM access to these data and update or repair them, or request processing restrictions,

- require JCMM to erase these personal data

- the portability of data

- file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection or refer a case to court.

I agree.:
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